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Is Climate Change real?
No! They have political New Worlds Order aims!
Fitness for use < Link This explains some of the issues

Some history

At the dawn of the scientific revolution ushered in by the Space Age, was President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

He was wary of growing government influence over science and technology, seeing a potential danger this posed to the  future and political interference.

Link Here <<<<<

You need to read all to get to the truth of the so called Manmade Global Warming issues and why its not happening....

"Agenda 21" is a comprehensive master plan to reshape and control all Nations and lock them into the clutches of the United Nations under the innocuous phrase Sustainable Development. 

You will see it being used in local councils.  Along with 178 countries, President George H.W. Bush accepted Agenda 21 as “soft law” adopted by a new tactic called collaborative consensus building, instead of by treaty. It is now being implemented bit by bit by local councils....

CONSENSUS” is not agreement but an ABSENSE OF DIS-AGREEMENT. It is an extremely cunning plan and it is implemented THROUGH LOCAL GOVERNMENT.

Below: a website that tells about the actual global warming issue. Lets see if you can tell true science from United Nations and Green fiction
This site : > is Internationally recognized by over 300 independent sources including Forbes, the International Journal of Modern Physics and the United States Senate.
Question everything and dont accept "Consensus"
That's not science!
Australia's News Corp own many assets and is the Australia's Leading source of local and overseas news. You are influenced in what you believe due to these news sources. Be very careful when it comes to Climate Change issues which can be distorted by any news organisation including the ABC.
Ozone layer variations natural after all?
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Shocker:  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Top Google Engineers say after 4 years of effort, their conclusion is that renewable energy “simply won’t work” and will use more resources than  we have available.
To read the item go to this link. Google finding.

'The minute science becomes all-powerful without any doubt, I find that disturbing,' Michael Leunig Cartoonist.

The name “ocean acidification”

The ocean is not acidic, it is alkaline and even the model projections say the oceans won’t ever become acidic. So why call it ocean acidification? Simply because it sounds pretty scary...Current ph is said to be 8.1. Neutral is ph 7 and if it is getting acid it will be 6 or lower. Alkaline seas water wont ever dissolve anything. Its a basic uninformed lie to suit those who push climate change policies for their own purposes..

John L.Daly predicted before his death that sea level rise was virtually unchanged from a marker which he rediscovered on the Isle of the Dead in Tasmania. He also argued this was being used for a fear campaign and use in political aims. All the evidence points to this... from local government interference with land rights to power generation, which are two of the most important issues since Magna Carta was implemented. Don't believe me, just follow the money trails... the clues are links and facts I've gathered...they're a warning...and a pointer to a new world government. 
A coronal hole bigger than Jupiter has appeared on the Sun. Is this affecting our weather?  My guess is yes. Story Here
Its weather effects? Story here
The above picture is sourced from and is update regularly by them.

Who runs the Councils?
Listen to this!

CEO's over paid r1258244_16827633

Click on arrow and turn your sound on!
Joseph Thomson (ABC
96.1 FM)
Jack Davis of Ratepayers Victoria

Jack Davis of the Victorian Ratepayers tells it as it is. Link to Ratepayers site
We may be Rural but we are not stupid!
Link to Blog
My Email john.vance at
More legal action may be pending for some, in Wangaratta's fight for justice for the dismissed Councillors. More later!
It depends on a proper legal response.
You are a victim of the media
Most great world scares seem to go through seven main phases:
1. They appear to be based on scientific evidence which is accepted at the time. 2. They get obsessive, often hysterical media coverage.
3. There is a massive response from politicians and officials.
4. They impose new laws that inflict enormous economic and social damage.
5. The scare then fades away as it is found to have been flawed or wildly exaggerated.
6. Nobody ever admits they got it wrong.
7. The “scientists”, media, politicians and bureaucrats move on to the next big scare and the whole process starts again.
Item on lack of Solar Activity < Link
What is consensus?
< Link
IFair Comments!

In a pot shot at the Greens and minor parties, Mr Abbott said: “Ask yourself: What do minor parties actually get done, other than make it harder for government to do its job?

“Minor parties are much better at attracting media attention, rather than getting things done.

Don’t vote for a minor party and in particular don’t vote for a minor party (usually they say they're independent) that is going to be constantly with the Opposition.

“The Greens are really the second wing faction of the Labor Party – that’s what they are.

“I think people want a strong voice in the federal parliament, rather than people who just make a noise. To do that, you need to vote for people who are part of the Government in power."

Submission on States Stealing  Water.

Climate Related :

Other issues are weakening industries and farming. which leaves Australians deeply in debt. 
Carbon farm reality bites <<Story
Your human rights are at risk for the sake of the "environment".
But there is a deeper issue!
That of being run  by the Labor party "authoritites" ie commissars in the future, using the  environment as an excuse for  restrictions. Not the elected councillors, MP's and others, and it appears voters are falling for it. Local councils are hamstrung by these devisive laws which seek to weaken property owners in many ways. EG water/dam/environmental  restrictions. The poor are  being made poorer and the rich are just lapping it up, as long as they dont rock the "boat".
How can we accept that we export coal, shut down our power stations, while encouraging developing countries like China and India (who are opening three new power stations every week) not to do so? 
See >> link Are we crazy?
Even if the opposition win at the next election, enough is structured to allow this situation to continue as banks and others stand to profit from the U.N. environmental policies of Agenda 21.
You dont believe the LABOR party would do this? I experienced the "recession we had to have".
It cost my job and home. I am angry! Notice all the Australian growers and industries suffering from this policy? Holden, Ford and Toyota were paid billions to stay here, while destroying jobs which allowed people to buy cars etc...
FRUIT growers are being decimated. Our Australian Dollars should be devalued today..
Why are we having problems in local council?
It appears Dr Fidge is attacking council  sustainability policies (and other council  policies). When asking for information, he is refused. So they attack the man. The Labor party supported Public service union of course supports the CEO. This is despite their members not being able to have political bias. All the other stuff is just fluff to confuse local newspaper readers.

When our Council was replaced, perhaps the ingrained local CEO should have had provision in State legislation to move him on as well.

They do this at Police stations, to stop familiarity with locals and potential problems! This is of course a lot more important to prevent in councils.

If you can't stand the heat, you should stop cooking!


 Links to other areas.

Fact or Fiction?

No recent warming of planet.
News from the Met, Great Britain

More Detail < here

You decide...
See the link and first chapters of an interesting book on the fiction of climate change propaganda.

An IPCC expose on Global warming


A book written to explain the incorrect interpretation of climate by the IPCC for political puropses which is being followed by our current politicians! (From both sides? Time will tell!)

Even at council levels, but by stealth. Think sustainability.

Your sound judgement, in voting is also required to help make politicians responsible for the trauma they inflict by policies and bad decisions!

Current ones should face court !

I have lived through and traced the progress of the `ice age' scare of the 1970's, the `nuclear winter' scare of the 1980s, and now the `global warming' scare of the present.
 All these scares have advanced the interests of what was a small academic discipline 30 years ago to become a mammoth global industry today. It is my view that this industry has, through the `politics of fear' which it has promoted, is acting  against the interests of the public.
His Website:
This man's obituary about his life and details about climate change makes more sense than the political rubbish that "scientists" are dealing out!

They are looking for more tax payer funded "research" and following political directions to get this!
         >    Link  Another Link    <
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No one can stop tides or climate.

The story on King Canute and the power he held in Great Britain, was demonstrated by him one fine day at the beach. He told his followers that he would stop the tides. In a great display of humility he explained, no one, not even him could do this.
It seems that lesson has escaped those who think that we are capable  of changing climate.
Link to : King Canute
Predicting the Future has never worked...They cannot even predict the weather today.
Various organisations are making us think we need to have "sustainability" policies that decimate Australia as we know it. Think expensive energy, shutting down polluting industries here and allowing pollution hundreds of times worse overseas. It makes no sense!
With car making facilities shutting down Australia wide, coal fired power stations and aluminum refineries seen as energy hogs and polluters, and manufacturing industries being moved overseas, due to our own politicians following the theory that climate change, and global warming is man made, and we can somehow control.
The sordid truth is the man made part is a lie. It is used to push these policies for the so called "greater good" as if we can control weather. While climate has always changed, throwing maidens into volcanoes has never worked, nor will throwing money at a natural process of warming and cooling as the earth has always done. Only the people who scare you into investing in a faltering economy, knowing nothing will come, of it will benefit.
Our Wangaratta council is implementing "sustainability" which on the face of it appears great news, but these serve to remove property rights a bit at a time. Think Rural Strategy, recently renamed from Rural Land Strategy. This aims to restrict even more land rights than the original Rural Land Strateg
These are State controlled Councils. No wonder the last Councillors were removed after being found to oppose these "strategies". These strategies were counter productive to farmers.
They call them the Greenhouse mafia! I call them fear mongers!
When the Global Warming issue was not making sense, I started asking questions!
So should you!
One major question: Why are the CSIRO scientists censored? Answer Link <<

 Material on this website is what I found! We were warned by US President Eisenhower!
<<<< See left
Kevin Rudd said last week that it would be easier to get the top job at the United Nations, if he was called Kevin Ruddavich.
That was an admission that the United Nations, is run by the Eastern Block. IE:the Communists.
Who runs the International Panel for Climate Change? The United Nations.
Who claims (and lied) that 97 percent of all scientists concede that Climate Change, (er name changed from Global Warming when that was proved to be wrong) was man made? The United Nations.
Who says they are natural cycles? The un censored scientists who do not work for the government. The CSIRO is censored. It started prior to 2006 :
The historic BOM weather records are changed, censored when it doesn't fit their "increasing temperature" claims. Need further proof? Send me an email and I will send you the details. I am not impressed by these people who use your increased power bills to pay for wind mills when these prove to be unreliable and intermittent.
You wouldn't employ some one who wouldn't turn up when needed?
Why would you install unreliable  power generators? Here is a link.
Dr Steven Morton, head of the climate facility admits staff censored . Four Corners said: we at  Four Corners program will air further allegations by other Australian scientists that they were censored by the CSIRO, public servants and indirectly from the Prime Minister's Office.
There is even a term used by the Four Corners program. They call them the Greenhouse mafia!
With the ABC being seen as totally convinced of the Greenhouse Scam,
 you have to ask, is the Four Corners program also compromised?
“Fitness for use”
Do Research and Political influence sustainability?


 Definition: Effectiveness of a design, manufacturing method, and support process employed in delivering a good, system, or service that fits a customer's defined purpose, under anticipated or specified operational conditions.” This must include affordability of the product.

                “Industry is more than willing to risk research dollars on technologies that show real promise, but it is not willing to flush shareholder money down a rat hole.

Politicians, however, operate from different incentives. 

When a crisis, real or imagined, makes headlines, they want voters to see them doing “something” about it, and they must move quickly because election cycles and constituent attention spans are short.

Funding long-term research in promising technologies is not sufficient to meet politicians’ needs. Solar panels, wind turbines, and ethanol refineries are all current technology, and can be erected quickly with fanfare and photo-ops. 

By the time these alternative power sources prove to be financial (or not) and, possibly, environmental busts, the politicians will have been re-elected and voters’ attention will have shifted to the next crisis.”

The Dutch Used Windmills to advantage before the Industrial Revolution


According to dutch physicist C Le Pair . And the Bentek studies .

Wind turbines require so much back up power, that they are of no benefit!

As long as the total wind turbine capacity is small (say < 5% of total power generating capacity) the negative consequences for conventional power stations are modest and may not even be noticed. The amount of subsidies required and visible impact on the landscape stay below the threshold of public awareness. << Link to complete article....


Turbines draw power from the grid just as factories & homes do when there is no wind

That power is used for several purposes including shutting it down in high winds . It is likely the power lines to this turbine (above picture)  was interrupted with the result that it was not shut down . The resulting surge in power burned the windings allowing the blades to spin out of control .

(One solution would be to build a coal burning power station in the middle of the wind farm to reduce the danger of a power cut to the turbines. I'm not being serious!) . 

Or just consider alternative technologies that do work without wind.


On Ocean acidification.
There is no possibility of this happening. The ocean is alkaline. For it to become acid, is impossible!
It seems that Climate Change wasn't scary enough so these people pushing socialist politics have invented impossible scenarios like measuring temperatures in the past, adjusting them when they did not suit them and predicting rising ocean levels which are extremely difficult to measure accurately.
How sea level is measured. < Informative Link
With current environmental politics, and the push for Climate Change policies, and its effects on Australia's economy, nothing surprises me. The Labor Party and its haste to implement Climate policy, when Kevin Rudd was elected and its consequent defeat eventually, was all due to making Australia the economic disaster it is now becoming because of unnecessary United Nations Climate "action". 
Why did Kevin Rudd meet the Ex Russian Premier  in Queensland at that time? They were putting the Climate Change issue into place.  
See link : 

The "Real World" of Climate.
Climate FACTS  <Link> Inconvenient Facts
"Climate" is what you expect. "Weather" is what you get.
Humans have been dealing with Climate Change since they appeared!
Some "claim" to be able to change the climate.
Politicians who want to change the world of politics, are using Climate Change  to scare the western world and others (who stand to benefit) from its natural variations.
On the Climate Change theory : Consensus isn't science!
Do 97 percent of scientists actually agree on man-made Climate Change theory?
No, that is the lie  the I.P.C.C. tell you among others.
It is a theory after all.
Don't let the dire warnings from the ABC worry you!
They  do not allow an opposing argument if you notice...

Winston Churchillsaid "A lie will travel the world, before truth can get its pants on!"
There are now over 1350 peer reviewed scientific papers which dispute this false theory.
Opposing the theory are the 31,487 American scientists who have signed a petition  9,029 have PhDs.
>> A PhD is a demonstration of competence in research <<

UN IPCC Lead Author Dr. Richard Tol. Santorum said:
“The 97 percent figure that’s thrown around", the head of the IPCC  said "that number was pulled out of thin air.”

That is exactly what Dr. Tol told the U.S. Congress in testimony in 2014.

See: UN IPCC Lead Author Dr. Richard Tol Rips 97% consensus claim: ‘The 97% is essentially pulled from thin air, it is not based on any credible research whatsoever’

Tol’s research found  that only 64 papers (out of about 12,000) supported the alleged “consensus.

” Somehow the author John Cook makes 64 papers into a 97% ‘consensus’ out  of 12,000.


See links on this website  for those inquiring budding scientists among us.
Read here > here and > here
You may need to download a PDF reader from > HERE
Here is a cutting Edge discovery and proof of sun controlling our climate?
You decide what makes more sense:
One part per 2500 of CO2, we are told which is causing greenhouse effect
ORvariable solar output caused by gravity of the large planets,which caused the ice ages and warming.
Inigo Jones saw the effect for long range weather forecasts.
The old saying comes to mind.
"You can lead a horse to water , but you cant make it think"
There will be some time, effort and study involved  if you want to discover facts which could lead to a major weather forecast breakthrough.  < Link
Many will ignore these findings as they do not like to change their thinking....
Only inquisitive people will follow the logic. Which one are you?
Global Warming renamed.
Since the approved technique of assessing such warming shows that it has not been happening for the past 18 years, they renamed it Climate Change, instead.
Informative Antarctic History <<<link
Ask yourself: If Antarctic ice is less now, how come these wooden boats in 1910 were able to land in Antarctica, when 3 modern ice breaking ships had problems recently in mid summer, rescuing those scientists who were trapped there due to ice?
Answer There is MORE Ice now.  Link:

Visitor Information center to be housed in Library?
Are they crazy?

The new plan for Wangaratta city, which is on display in Council Chambers and on their website, is looking at putting the Visitors center in with the Wangaratta library.
This sort of  ludicrous idea can only be expected if one looks at costs and not tourism.
The central position of the Visitors center makes it easy for visitors to find.
I find the Administrators offensive
in most of their  efforts to derail what is  working well in Wangaratta, to make it less viable to do so. Including the library and pools.
I must ask: Are they working for Wangaratta, or have some other unknown purpose which could explain their behavior. If they do, they should explain. 
At the last election, previous Councillors were voted out
due to this sort of behavior, you have to ask yourself. Whose and what interests are they pushing?
The  plan for more green spaces  in the city, is a plan to reduce free parking in our town, so its really a revenue exercise.
 The newly elected Parisotto Councillors were sabotaged, and sacked,  and now we have the Administrators doing the very thing ratepayers didn't want! They have administered pool closures, the so called Rural Strategy and now the library issue.
 Parking meters were also an issue for most people: We didnt want them as it causes shoppers to go out of town.
Whose policies were the Paino council following?
Have they closed down the pools due to their water consumption? Have they noticed we have plenty of water, but rainfall figures haven't  been properly recorded due to failures of equipment locally....The same issue applies to pool usage and closures where attendance appears to be manipulated.
If you look carefully, you will see it's this "sustainability" rubbish again. This word "sustainable" will be the ruin of Wangaratta and its food producing potential...
They have no idea on how to sustain anything, except to hit ratepayers with ever increasing costs....
due to "sustainability". That is definitely unsustainable. 
Artificial (water) shortages cause  price increases ....  and guess who benefits?
Its no different to price maintenance which is illegal in any business.
It is time to tell the administrators to put things on hold till a proper representative council is elected.
Legislation put into place by State MP's will probably prevent this, but I'm hoping I'm wrong in this....
Time will most likely prove me right.
We are being run by a State government which appears to leave democracy out of the Council which seems to have been happening for numerous years. Its time for Ratepayers to start controlling our own Council....
A local ratepayers association would be a good start!

Climate Rumble in Paris facts

The so called Climate Change issues are reaching fever point in news services as the 21st Conference of the Parties in Paris takes place., "its the annual meeting of all countries wich want to take action on climate. It will be held in Le Bourget, France, from 30 Novembre to 11 Decembre."
The spelling mistakes aren't mine. They belong to the website with aims and stories and disasters which I myself can see, are also mistakes.
Known unknowns result from phenomena which are recognized, but poorly understood. On the other hand, unknown unknowns are phenomena which cannot be expected because there has been no prior experience or theoretical basis for expecting the phenomena.
They talk about Pacific islands sinking (Coral atolls have been doing this for years, always staying at the same sea levels) see link >>>.
Other issues with sinking land appear to be due to human interference with the water tables. IE Indonesia's Jakarta. >>>
In Wangaratta the greens want to use aquifers for emergency water supplies in times of drought. But dont want dams. My thought are> They are crazy. Dams are good for wild life and human use. Its misuse that sees problems.
Many deliberate distortions on environmental reporting are taking place. All seem to involve shifting jobs and money overseas to "save our world from Climate Change" but in reality can do very little as Climate Change has been happening to our planet Earth since it was created.
CO2 is seen as the problem. Its only a problem due to it's use of all sorts of fuels, which are being used in the world at a phenomenal rate, which releases CO2. Natural CO2 is being released in a greater proportion, by volcanoes, of which man made CO2 is only a small part. It's effects on world temperature as a greenhouse gas is also misunderstood. If you have any knowledge on searching using google you will understand why. Look for opposing views... I have changed my mind on the dangers of CO2 and found them to be misinformation to suit large overseas  bodies....India has banned organsations like Greenpeace due to damaging their economies by their agendas. Australia has been misled by their agenda's as well. It involves energy, farming, water and local industry with world wide job loss due to their actions.  
To be continued.....
Some relevant information in America regarding this:

Its all Rubbish

         The issues with Wangaratta Council's green organic bins came to a head today, with some of the concerned ratepayers returning their "organic" green bins to council where we met with second in charge Alan Clark, a nice enough chap, implementing "environmental issues" as he was told. .
Why did ratepayers return their "GREEN" waste bins?
         Being informed recyclers, with a conscience, they were already using best practices at home, before being rudely told to pay for the very thing they were already doing at home, and before council decided they should use a service we didn't want, and didn't need.
       The user pays system is often preached to us, but when council applies it, we are all put in the same basket...We all pay.. That might suit them. but not some of us who think...Fancy being able to do that! Commercial interests are very happy, as they, (as we were told today ) are now paying less for this we are now subsidising commercial waste ...
Dean Addison and I are of the same opinion. 
It was stated that if ratepayers were asked if they wanted a bin, only 52 percent would have taken them, and this would not have made the organic recycling system cost effective. So now we all  to pay. it seems like we are now subsidising COMMERCIAL waste from restaurants, hospitality industries and large organisations like Coles. Woolworths and ALDI. Other industries may also be involved. Link to Wangaratta Chronicle.
Council is the Dyson vacuum cleaner of state government policy. It sucks...

New calculations show CO2 effects overestimated

October 4, 2015. Good news. A MATHEMATICAL discovery by Perth-based electrical engineer Dr David Evans may change everything about the climate debate, on the eve of the UN climate change conference in Paris next month. A former climate modeller for the Government’s Australian Greenhouse Office, with six degrees in applied mathematics, Dr Evans has unpacked the architecture of the basic climate model which underpins all climate science.

Link here >>>>

Material found here is almost never published by Newspapers.
The Delphi Technique: Let’s Stop Being Manipulated!
Kitchen table meetings: Ala Cathy McGowan?

By Albert V. Burns

More and more, we are seeing citizens being invited to “participate” in various forms of meetings, councils, or boards to “help determine” public policy in one field or another. They are supposedly being included to get ”input” from the public to help officials make final decisions on taxes, education, community growth or whatever the particular subject matter might be.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, surface appearances are often deceiving.

Read on .....................

These coloured links aim to be informative. Information found by you on this subject will be gratefully received. Send them to

Google Engineers say the renewable energy industry wont work

The following leads me to believe that as usual, the poor will pay for the rich, to install renewable power, and the poor will never never have the advantage of the "Cheaper" power as they will be subsidising the renewable energy industry, like at present in green taxes and high energy bills.
The International Panel for Climate Change, says they have concensus on Global Warming and Climate Change. But it is only the consensus of their own hand picked scientists, not the ones who think for themselves.
Why would the IPCC choose anyone else if it had a political aim in place.?
Need some proof? See this LINK
         Global Warming Scam? It certainly looks like it.
     There are many news articles appearing on the ABC, and other news reports in various newspapers which put "because of Climate Change" after an unresearched news story about possible ecological disasters.  
     Before there was a political push for investments in so called ECO projects, these weather events were normal. So why put "because of Climate Change" whenever there is an extreme weather event in front of nearly ALL weather or environmental related news items? It seems like many people are not really convinced about these fear fulled "news" items so they have to do that.
Simply put, when China started competing with the world markets, it seems to me that the so called "elite" manufactured the Global Financial crisis, to position themselves in other financial interests, which are being funded by various superannuation funds and the so called "carbon tax".
Free investment money for an industry which otherwise could NOT pay its own way....Look at the countries that have installed this ECO equipment and look how little is gained by doing so.
Whats wrong with these people?
The Yarrunga pool is wanted, needed and is an asset to the local community. It seems to me that the current people running the council, the unwanted administrators, are incompetent.
If they were competent they would listen and impliment ideas to make the pool possible. Instead they wish to build a pool on the other side of town, and impose a huge cost of $12,000,000 on all ratepayers. While it may be partly funded by the State and all of Victorian taxpayers, the decision once again neglects what could be a very nice area of town.
The assessment of the Yarrunga pool was slapdash. A walk through by an engineer is not a proper detailed assessment. It is simply saying "give us the excuse we want" to implement the new Olympic pool.
Cathy McGowan is strangely silent on this one, and now the election is over so is
Tim McCurdy...while he was supportive vocally before the elections, he talked the talk, but has since failed to walk the walk... that now makes two of them you have elected. Cathy McGowan and Tim both. Their policies were hidden! How can voter be deceived like this?
Come on Tim, you can do better than that!

                               NASA and BOM:
                                     Not so hot!
                        Hottest year doesn't add up!
<<<  Scientist Jennifer Marohasy says:
"Leading climate scientists at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology must be mathematically illiterate.  That's the conclusion she's come to after spending some time over the last year working out how they calculate the national average temperature for Australia." A science review organisation agrees with her and dismisses the BOM scientists view. It all amounts to corruption of the scientific process on a grand scale, with significant economic implications.  .Link here  <<<

                                           Letter to MP regarding misleading figures.  > Link here

ALSO : The UK Met office says 2014 was NOT the hottest year due to uncertainty ranges in measurement data. In other words, temperature levels were in the range of errors of measurement.

No conclusion can be drawn unless you are pushing a political ideal.

Editor Regarding the B.O.M. Perhaps these are not scientists but merely observers. They are inaccurate at the best of times and merely report possibilities instead of forecasts.

It 's easy to listen to propaganda and think yourself smart. What's really hard is to think for yourself and look for facts and figures, using common sense..
Mid Summer Antarctic isn't so cool!
a  Patagonian tooth fish fishing boat from Launceston, Tasmania damaged three propellers in heavy mid antarctic summer
700 km Of Excess Ice In Antarctica Cooling The Planet < Link

It is midsummer in Antarctica, and there is as much as 700 km of excess ice surrounding the continent.  This has a large cooling effect on the planet by reflecting sunlight back into space. The excess ice is shown in green. (follow above link!)

Experts claim that the West Antarctic Ice Sheet is being melted by warm water, even though there are hundreds of kilometers of excess sea ice in that region – indicating abnormally cold water. Sea ice has a lower melting point than glacial ice, further compounding the ridiculous nature of the WAIS melting propaganda.

Also note that the excess ice is located at the exact places where Hansen predicted peak sea ice loss.

Everything that is going on in Antarctica is the exact opposite of both what experts predicted, and what they claim is happening. Climate experts have degenerated to nearly 100% lies, 100% of the time.

Strange weather caused by winds? Animated World globe <<< Link

When you go the website link, use your mouse scroll wheel and your left buttons to rotate globe to see why winds affect weather so much. This is a live presentation for current winds and even includes areas where you can see hurricanes and cyclones forming and how world circulation of wind take cold and warm air to other areas causing your local weather....

Australian Weather Forecasters "homogenise" history of  temperature in Rutherglen!

Link to story >>> <<<<Link fixed

Queensland's Amberly Air base similarly treated to show warming as do other weather sites with raw data tampered with by the Weather Bureau...

When commenting on this material on ABC rural radio I was cut off! 

Where is Joseph Thomson?

Solar slowdown causes colder climates world wide effects as predicted is happening Link <<<

Story by John Vance. 19 July 2014.

Councils are supposed to be run by Councillors. It appears however this is not the case.

The head on clashes resulting in bullying charges being laid in many councils these days is the result of an organised conspiracy by public servants.

I attended the appeal by previous Councillors Doctor Fidge v Wangaratta Councillors at VCAT in Melbourne.

The matter at VCAT on the Thursday, 17th July resulted in the late lodgement of altered complaints on Tuesday by previous members of Wangaratta council, loosely termed the opposition in laymans terms. Papers by  Don Joyce, Tammy Adkins, Lisa McInirny and Rozi Parisotti which were due a month or so ago. This was said to alter the Dr Fidge's appeal completely, with counsel for Doctor Fidge, requesting more time to study these new or altered allegations, (if in fact they were altered) from the original appeal.

  ( I have difficulty in seeing this matter proceed this way, due to the issue never being questioned as to why it was lodged late---The complainants seem to be making this up as they go along Perhaps realising they would be adjourned, the complainants never turned up, except for X Mayor R. Parisotti)

The Tribunal made the decision to adjourn the matter because of these new alterations, after a hurried look by Doctor Fidge's counsel (after an overnight recession) and it was agreed to by both parties, who set another date for the altered full hearing. This will be on the 11th of August. 

I would suggest frivolous complaints like these (if the Tribunal finds this to be frivolous) should attract a serious penalty if it interferes with legally elected Councillors. I have no doubt that further procedures will be needed to bring this shameful part of council history to a conclusion with the perpetrators in deep trouble.

Costs to council will be substantial, caused by those people who fail to see that the rights of elected people must be recognised, and not by some kangaroo court panel, which ignores local government acts and uses instead, foreign UN human rights policy, never being intended for use against  elected Australian officials. Let's hope VCAT  can find a positive finding this next month.

 Unsubstantiated bullying accusations by public servants, or in this case, council employees, is a common tactic to be used as a weapon towards superiors, and complaints by all government and semi government employees, as shown by escalation of stress leave being paid out by Workcover all over Australia. 
Frank Penhalluriack is a case in mind.
From Wikipedia.

At an informal hearing into allegations of bullying the CEO Penhalluriack refused to attend, describing the proceedings as a "kangaroo Court" because evidence was procured by Ms O'Neill secretly. Her report has never been published, even to Councillors, but Penhalluriack was referred to a Councillor Conduct Panel in November 2011. On the first day the panel members referred the matter to the Victorian Civil and Administration Tribunal (VCAT), where Penhalluriack would be entitled to hear evidence under oath, and cross-examine his accusers. At that point all of the bullying allegations were dropped.

These sort of  issues are part and parcel of the job of decision making, and should be more carefully considered.  Issues causing these situations and their legality should be quickly investigated if these cause friction where there should be none.  Link << 


Previous story.

Wangaratta Council has decided to defend itself against claims by Dr Fidge in court. Dr Fidge only wants his name cleared, as allegations by opposing Councillors were, in his words" untrue"  The previous CEO of Wangaratta council was also instrumental it seems, in distorting what Councillor Fidge has said about staff in council, resulting in various senior staff going on "stress" leave before finally seeing the reality, and vacating their positions, after a work cover decision showed their attitude was non productive and could not continue.

I would assume the general voting public will be very interested in the outcome, which must result in a fresh election after all this is cleared up in a legal court. It would seem to me to be an un winnable situation for council after some successes by Dr Fidge previously and a further VCAT hearing on the 17th July. A Councillor will also be encouraged to apologise due to issuing various complaints bypassing local mediation, which was in place.


Conflict of Interest?

Wangaratta Cattle Exchange Gets 4.8 % of Victoria's total sales.

        Ailsa Fox supported Barnawartha North in a previous senior role with the Victorian Farmers Federation.See Border mail story <<< Conflict of Interest?
 So why do the unrepresentative Committee running the Council wish to delay upgrades?
 A meeting, by "Friends of the Stock Exchange" with council, was held on Wednesday 28th May 2014, with a petition handed over with eight hundred signatures. These were collected in less than a week. We look forward to a positive result rather than what most see as a council move to a negative results affecting local business and jobs!
Surely with all the local area farmers supporting this yard, there is no alternative but to go ahead with this.
The Wangaratta Stock Exchange (sales yards) issue has to be understood in its importance for locals .
Local jobs, and businesses in town are dependent on this yard being upgraded and I for one cannot understand why the council committee is sitting on its hands.
Wangaratta already has 4.8 per cent of the total livestock auction sales in Victoria.
With only 27 yards operating in Victoria that in itself is quite a successful achievement.

If Council continues to do nothing, it will be handing over the sales and income to the privately developed sales yards in Barnawatha with council missing out on $100,000 plus local income on Thursdays market day visitors.
That to me doesn't sound like commercial sense for us, but may be for the new salesyard being built in Barnawatha which will be licking its lips at the opportunity for this extra business.
See Border Mail story & Valid comment

 Tim McCurdy is not supportive, as we could have had the recognition we needed from the State in the form of a development grant.Cathy McGowan is strangely silent on this matter....
We have no elected people in Wangaratta Council, the so called democratically elected state and Federal ministers who should represent us are not doing so, as far as I can see and have direction of their own. There needs to be more resistance in Wangaratta to these people and not silly ones like the "hands of the ABC"  by Alan Lappin. We in Wangaratta have bigger fish to fry....        Editor....

Wangaratta Stock Exchange

What will happen here?

You never ever hear news questioning their so called "facts" for good reason: their stories are not sustainable and would fall over! Never stop asking questions!

Leadership In the US? They're NUTS!
David E. Allen 2014: Just wait until next month when Obama signs his executive order banning CO2 emissions. He has stated publicly he wants to shut down the coal industry. An ENTIRE INDUSTRY, people!! How is this allowed, or legal? You think you pay high rates for electricity NOW?!? Just wait...
Link ·
May 20 at 8:09am

Feeling Hoodwinked?
Germany has had to increase reliance on coal because renewable are so unreliable.
Due to green pressure to shut down Nuclear Power stations,
Germany is installing 20 new brown coal fired power stations,
and exporting power to ECO powered nations in Europe finally realising that no wind or Sun, means NO POWER!
Six are currently being tested.
Reports that 72 percent of their pwoer being generated doesnt take into account that this was a peak power situation, and coal fired base load power stations were still running, wasting their input. They cannot be shut down to reduce waste.....
China and India are installing 800 new coal fired stations!
Meanwhile in Great Britain, they are importing wood from the USA to fuel their converted coal fired power stations.
Dont believe me? Links to stories
Link 1    Link 2     Link 3  Link 4
An Australian Horror story

Electricity Prices: a Real Horror Story

Link Collusion

Energy retailers fail to disclose fees

Link ABC

Wangaratta Council update.

LABOR PARTY Involvement in Council?
So Council is being sued by Dr Fidge!
Perhaps he was right all along.
There is no point in suing unless there has been a miscarriage of justice.
The reason I stood for Council myself in 2012 , was that I saw a cosy relationship with Councillors, and the CEO who ran meetings like they were conducting an inquisition, and acted like they were more important, than the people they were supposed to represent!
One report: a Councillor was asleep at a meeting.

Various policies which were obviously
against the interests of Wangaratta Ratepayers were seen.
Despite telling voters that party politics weren't part of  Council, before being elected, the previously replaced Councillors screamed the most, when a sympathetic PRIVATE congratulatory email to successful Councillors from Liberal Sophie Mirabella was released to the local Newspapers.
(despite legally being a private letter!.)
What other emails were being intercepted?
Were other councils influencing us, preventing factories like "Uncle Toby's" moving here?
You can be sure of one thing.
The Labor party was deeply involved with local council and affected by federal politics and were instrumental in getting Cathy McGowan elected!.
I saw the personalities involved. They included senior Ex council staff and Tammy Adkins.
While I wouldn't normally be upset and say good on her, the same Labor party policies are being followed by Cathy McGowan. The Public have been misinformed!
Is she Independent? No! She was devious to not state her position on policies.
Do not ever vote for someone who is deceptive like this.

We need to be able to trust politicians and their promises!
We also need to see what is possible and what is not.
Cattle Sales Yards
Why is Council stonewalling the Cattle Sales yards upgrade, when Blind Freddy can see the financial benefits of upgrading the sales yards,  at very little cost, for great benefit to local business? 
Perhaps the sustainability department, which has been very quiet of late, has something to do with it. Wangaratta Council are members of the International Council for Local Government Initiatives. (ICLEI) When asked about this,  Councillors had no idea.

The previous CEO did though. ECLEI is a organisation with policies which are deceitful in their implication. They remove all sorts of rights we have all taken for granted, without any compensation. 
For instance the United Nations Agenda 21 states that "eating meat" is unsustainable. So ideals banning certain practices will be implemented making sure you cannot compete with Government authorised cattle growers. These are usually the larger properties.
No doubt salesyards will also be limited due to this.
I have heard that one member of our council committee has stated previously, that he/she thought Victoria only needs to have seven rural cattle sales yards. This is currently being investigated and we may have some relevant information shortly.
Surely that preempts the fact, and should prevent  that member  having any say about this in council?
Lets put it to the vote and have a mini referendum regarding this income producing industry . 
Perhaps we should understand the current unrepresentative management committee running council is also unsustainable. We are less represented, than fed propaganda.
Why haven't the voters of Wangaratta been able to vote in another lot of Councillors? My thoughts on this are suspicious.
 MAYBE the voters would vote for the same people we voted in last time... They were sabotaged by news papers and the ABC which Allan Lappin is so concerned about. WHY is he? The answer: the ABC is only giving one side of the story when they interviewed me that would have gotten the other side! It wasn't what they wanted to expose.

The unresolved salesyard issue will create unneeded costs for local farmers if it is allowed to die instead of being a preferred farmers market as may be happening when other improved yards come into being. Why not ours? Who is the Wangaratta council looking after? Certainly not locals.
If it isn't logical its political...
We know a lot about having the wool pulled over our eyes. After all this is the country....

Law of ILLogical Argument
Anything is possible if you don't know what you are talking about

Federal Politics
6 May 2014:
US urges closer ties on climate change. <<Link
America with a broken down economy, do we really wish to tackle a "Fairy" story by following America's economy to ruin?
The US is one of the world's largest polluters and Australia only creates 1.5 percent of the worlds pollution. We export coal so others can continue to keep doing the same. Then punish our population with ever increasing power prices. Who is being silly?
Paul Keating gave us the recession we had to have: Rudd set us up for the Carbon Tax we didnt have to have, but  will achieve the very same thing if the economy isn't handled with careful hands.....
If America jumps over the fiscal cliff, why should we jump!
American Debt Clock <<< Link
We may upset the Marshall Islands due to sea level increase?
These islands are low lying coral atolls and were never stable and are now blaming western development for their problems...which have a inclement weather history of their own going back thousands of years. It's a fake sea level claim!

Insanity: The European Union will spend $7 trillion to (try and ) stop 0.05 degrees Celsius of warming. That's one twentieth part of one degree...

It's a redistribution of money

That’s nearly $82 billion a year for 86 years…does anyone honestly think that’s money well spent? Link <> Video


“Those people who think they know everything, are a great annoyance to those of us who do.”
Isaac Asimov

Might I somewhat misquote and modernise Asimov: 

"Those people who think they know everything, are a great annoyance to those of us who also have computers and get the real facts." John Vance.

Limited Parking?
Blame previous destructive Councils & CEO.
The were certainly not the illegally sacked Councillors.

Wangaratta's parking problems are self made.

I have seen no need for parking meters or restrictions. But because Council insists in packing even more businesses into the city center, we have inflated rates, shops leaving town and unfair behavior by the larger stores inside the city putting up low fences so their parking lots cannot be used by people not shopping there.


<<< Making you walk and inconveniencing you!


This "free parking" draws people to their parking lots, which it would not do, if parking was free everywhere else, at the detriment of local traders.

So they loose business. Council of course benefits by parking fines, (to the tune on 1 million dollars a year its claimed) and parking meter fees, while motorists are inconvenienced, by needing to find change and making it possible to be booked, while doing so, especially lately, by parking meters that do not work.

Are council legally booking owners of cars when they don't actually identify the driver? In a court the owner of the registered vehicle isn't obliged to identify the driver. Their own council local government laws say people do not need to incriminate themselves. But Vicroads actually allow this to happen. It is against the constitution of Australia, but it doesn't seem to worry them that they are actually breaking the law themselves. 

Are these parking meters legally accurate? These fines need challenging!

Things you ought to know!
Want some facts from scientists?
Here is a >>> Carbon Tax Submission:
Want to know who is looking at Australia?
The European Union  <<< link
Coming to a bureaucracy near you by courtesy of the UN.
The IPCC, as usual, has a scary scary prediction this week, that we will have to spend even more, on methods to stop global warming, as the current spend on alternative environmental energy generation isn't yet working. Their methods are a scam and none of their environmental predictions will or have worked!
I would suggest they talk to the Germans Chinese and Indians who are firing up even more lignite (dirty coal) fired power stations. CO2 is increasing, while global temperatures are normal.
It reminds me a bit of the scares that started world war 2! 
Link to story & Further link
Replace "America" with "Australia" in this video to get explanation on factory and job losses.

"States of Fear: Science or Politics?"
A must watch video for real understanding of our current political system and what its doing to your tax dollars.
Read Further
The item ends with:
So, next time you see a “scientist”, reporter, politician or bureaucrat hyperventilating about Global Warming or Climate Change or Ocean Warming or whatever – just remember, it’s only the latest in a long line of scares that are hugely exaggerated, scientifically flawed and pushed by those whose self-interest is served by riding on the scare bandwagon.

Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, remarked: "All these global warming schemes are "socialism masquerading as environmentalism."
I can only agree. Its a pity some haven't the brains to understand this.

How is this working? Look up Fabians on Google and start understanding what is really going on!
Here is a start  link > Fabians
Bullying or failing to do their job causing stress?
It seems the media had a hand on misreporting issues of alleged bullying, a card that can be pulled by any public servant it seems, when you look at all the "stress leave claims" by public servants Australia wide
 (public servant sick leave has created a "blow out" in health insurance and work cover budgets)

But its all happened before: Heatwaves Australia January, 1896

The long continuance of the unprecedented heat wave in New South Wales is proving a very serious matter to the residents in some of the districts, especially in the western portion of the colony.

Over 125 deaths from heat apoplexy have occurred In New South Wales, and to this number Bourke has already contributed 40. The matter has become so serious that the railway authorities have commenced running trains at special cheap fares, to enable the residents to seek a cooler climate, and a great number are availing themselves of the opportunity.

25 Jan 1896 – The Heat Wave in Australia. NEARLY 200 DEATHS FR…

CO² at the time was 290 parts per million.

         Don't expect the truth when they publish scary Climate Change scenarios either!


A disturbing letter from Doctor Julian Fidge about the Australian Electoral Commission.
Please note, this is an interpretation of unproven facts, that require further investigation, but the local complaint seemed to have been swept under the carpet by various government  departments. Which leads me to a logical conclusion.
Also: When is a party not a party? When various people claim they're independent and they support the party you wouldn't vote for in your wildest dreams. That's whats been happening in Wangaratta!: both in Council and in Federal politics.
An Extract from Dr Fidge's letter : "I was elected to the Rural City of Wangaratta Council in 2012. I had a few scrutineers at the ballot counting, all of whom are of the utmost integrity.

During the ballot counting, it became obvious that there were a large number of ballot papers that had been filled in by the same person. The hand writing was so distinctive that one scrutineer drew it to the attention of the returning officer.

The observation was fobbed off with the explanation that in some families, one person fills out all the ballot papers.

But this must have been a very large family. Another scrutineer reported to me independently that they observed the distinctive ballots, all written by the same person, at the rate of 2 per bundle of 50 ballots. With 17,977 votes, this would mean the family had over 700 members!

According to the detailed results, these votes were used to elect 4 Councillors. I have elected not to name the four Councillors whom, it seems, were fraudulently elected."

More >>>: Link here

Please note:
Skepticism is not a feature here! Neither is pessimism as used by Crackpot environmentalist.
Real environmentalists don't use consensus and can think for themselves.
Email: for comments
Jobs going, power bills sky high? Blame something called Agenda 21
The huge costs involved in generating subsidised low efficiency "environmental" power are all
caused by Agenda 21.
The carbon tax is Agenda 21
The increased job losses, increased electricity prices, the factories shutting down, exporting coal while we are asked to shut down coal generated electricity?
Its a set up by Al Gore and the United Nations.
(Caused by Agenda 21)
Al Gore could be seen as an insider trader!
The Carbon Tax (she promised we were not going to have) was the reason Julia Gillard got her seat in the United Nations.
She is now the head of a 60 Billion dollar educational fund, also funded by the UN.
Miss Education perhaps?
Link to item Careful this of this newspaper  its the Labor supporting "Guardian" 
The real problem is created by the FAKE global warming doomsday scenario
costing billions world wide.

Letter to the Editor The Wangaratta Chronicle < Not published as it makes too many valid points.
In case you are wondering what Agenda 21 is: Link here < Its scary...and the truth Link here <

On 12/02/2014 John wrote:

Dear Editor,

Regarding our Members of parliament, both  State and federal.
Their actions,show  its clearly its not the locals they're listening to!
The push for various sustainability acts (Agenda 21) are the root cause of all Australia's woes.

From removal of council to the unnecessary carbon tax (and consequently loss of jobs)

Implementation of the stealthy "Agenda 21", which includes misuse of human rights, has been enacted in the case of the recent sacking of the Wangaratta council by Janet Powell.
What right has Jeanette Powell got to implement foreign policies disguised as local government reform, and then implementing them in a way to suit the Minister?

United Nations Human rights issues, were ignored  when it came to the rights of the democratically elected Councillors, and the citizens of Wangaratta.

You cant pick and choose who you intend to use them on. Human Rights apply to everyone.
Councillors or Citizens were never considered as she implemented so called "government reform", without input from ALL the people she is supposed to be representing.
 She didn't, or couldn't even use the local Government  Act 1989 to do so.

They removed whatever rights Councillors had, including appeal. And other councils can be in the firing line by calling out “We are being bullied” when a CEO feels like it.
Part and parcel to this all was Tim McCurdy, who voted for the dismissal of council in Parliament.
Mr McCurdy has admitted to me, he had no legal qualifications, yet is instrumental in ignoring the Australian constitution when he supports taking water rights from farmers.

I would suggest that voters at the State election take careful aim at the Independents and Nationals who say one thing, but support foreign LABOR policies.
They are similar to Communist reform which was resisted during the Cold War. It was also being implemented by Federal Labor government and supported by the Unions.

MP Cathy McGowan, supported by previous sacked council stalwarts, the X CEO, as well as at least 3 former voter removed Councillors (Labor party members) and a National party supporter, called Tammy Adkins, at the election, are now enacting Labor "environmental" policies, despite claiming to be independent.

  McGowans refusal to remove the carbon tax policy, which  is decimating jobs, industries, farms and companies, like SPC, when they were allowing dumping of Italian canned fruits and then not doing anything about it. SPC should sue the previous LABOR government.
The scorched earth polices of the Federal Labor government wont be forgotten by people who can think outside the voting booth.
I'm sorry I voted for them. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!

Japanese company Inpex has confirmed all of the gas from its Ichthys fields off the coast of north-western Australia has already been forward-sold and none is available for domestic needs in the Northern Territory.

The Change in Political Climate.

We in Australia are being run, at this point in time, by an organisation in Geneva, Switzerland and Manhattan America.
I will provide the link to information later.
It is affecting all levels of government, including one branch which isn't government but pretends to be. This is your local council. It is implementing green mantras....which are  all sorts of problems with energy, creates job loss and property devaluation as policy.
The organisation  causing this is called the United Nations.
Are they truly representative of all nations?
They may have been at first, after World  war 2 , but like all bureaucracies, they eventually lose focus.
Today the United Nations looks more like an undemocratic organisation pretending
to focus on world rights but is really a Socialist front.The issues are political rather than environmental, and stem from the likes of Bush, Clinton and Gore and Ex United Nations employee Maurice Strong.
At the end of the Cold War, the United Nations had to look for a reason to exist or they would have disbanded . So they choose a devious method using a combinations of the environment and human rights to plan a new world order.
 You can see why Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard were so busy trying to get a seat in the United Nations. Julia introduced the Carbon Tax and promptly got a seat for herself.
It had  very little to do with Human Rights and all to do with removal of those rights.
IT WAS USED TO REMOVE WANGARATTA CITY COUNCIL! They asked questions.Your democratic voting rights were never considered!
The Australian Constitution is being bulldozed with water rights removed, environmental issues and energy policies which, like in most other developed countries are escalating costs of manufacture and creating unnecessary  poverty. They have been told is for their own good, as these resources are finite. Why are places like India and China, and even Germany building new power stations then?

They are right to a degree. So why are we in Australia are giving ours away.
 In the Northern territory for instance, a Japanese gas conglomerate has been allowed to export gas but leaves no gas for for the locals   Link

Research yourself <> National Library
Better environmental methods Link

The Wangaratta Council conspiracy

Fair comment

Please note: Every one can have a fair say here. 

The key is FAIR say. If its not fair comment I may have to "edit" it some.

The letter below passes the fair test.

Drop me a line! My email address is john.vance (at) put in (@)



On the matter of government control of water, I would suggest this is vehemently resisted, and replaced by a committee of local property owners who, depending on available water can make rational informed decisions as to allocations. This will retain the status quo

Real environmentalists make allowances and dont ad hoc policies.

The removal of water rights from properties can only be done by referendum, but looking at the current record of the Victorian state government it is ignoring human rights as well as referendums! It is time this was handled in a proper manner as I believe MP Tim McCurdy has no formal legal education or qualifications in these and is complacent in this matter.

Our current "representatives" lack integrity.