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Why bother having councillors

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Who runs the Councils?
Listen to this!

CEO's over paid r1258244_16827633
Jack Davis of the Victorian Ratepayers tells it as it is. Click on sound file above
We may be Rural but we are not stupid
The eyes and ears of Wangaratta!
Q: Do the Nationals support farmers?
See Tim McCurdy's policy.
A: No he doesn't. He is following the Global Warming scare and the United Nations Agenda 21 when he backs removing the rights of farmers on land they own. As an Ex real estate agent and property owner, he must show he has no  vested interest. The Australian Constitution must be enforced. Tim does not know the LAW or is ignoring it.
Back the Farmers Tim.
We know Global Warming is not true.

Most great world scares seem to go through seven main phases:
1. They appear to be based on scientific evidence which is accepted at the time. 2. They get obsessive, often hysterical media coverage.
3. There is a massive response from politicians and officials.
4. They impose new laws that inflict enormous economic and social damage. 5. The scare then fades away as it is found to have been flawed or wildly exaggerated.
6. Nobody ever admits they got it wrong.
7. The “scientists”, media, politicians and bureaucrats move on to the next big scare and the whole process starts again.
Item on lack of Solar Activity < Link
What is consensus?
< Link

ICLEI: A policy for environmental chaos
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Fair Comments!

In a pot shot at the Greens and minor parties, Mr Abbott said: “Ask yourself: What do minor parties actually get done, other than make it harder for government to do its job?

“Minor parties are much better at attracting media attention, rather than getting things done.

Don’t vote for a minor party and in particular don’t vote for a minor party (usually they say they're independent) that is going to be constantly with the Opposition.

“The Greens are really the second wing faction of the Labor Party – that’s what they are.

“I think people want a strong voice in the federal parliament, rather than people who just make a noise. To do that, you need to vote for people who are part of the Government in power."

Submission on States Stealing  Water.

Climate Related :

Other issues are weakening industries and farming. which leaves Australians deeply in debt. 
Carbon farm reality bites <<Story
Your human rights are at risk for the sake of the "environment".
But there is a deeper issue!
That of being run  by the Labor party "authoritites" ie commissars in the future, using the  environment as an excuse for  restrictions. Not the elected councillors, MP's and others, and it appears voters are falling for it. Local councils are hamstrung by these devisive laws which seek to weaken property owners in many ways. EG water/dam/environmental  restrictions. The poor are  being made poorer and the rich are just lapping it up, as long as they dont rock the "boat".
How can we accept that we export coal, shut down our power stations, while encouraging developing countries like China and India (who are opening three new power stations every week) not to do so? 
See >> link Are we crazy?
Even if the opposition win at the next election, enough is structured to allow this situation to continue as banks and others stand to profit from the U.N. environmental policies of Agenda 21.
You dont believe the LABOR party would do this? I experienced the "recession we had to have".
It cost my job and home. I am angry! Notice all the Australian growers and industries suffering from this policy? Holden, Ford and Toyota were paid billions to stay here, while destroying jobs which allowed people to buy cars etc...
FRUIT growers are being decimated. Our Australian Dollars should be devalued today..
Why are we having problems in local council?
It appears Dr Fidge is attacking council  sustainability policies (and other council  policies). When asking for information, he is refused. So they attack the man. The Labor party supported Public service union of course supports the CEO. This is despite their members not being able to have political bias. All the other stuff is just fluff to confuse local newspaper readers.

When our Council was replaced, perhaps the ingrained local CEO should have had provision in State legislation to move him on as well.

They do this at Police stations, to stop familiarity with locals and potential problems! This is of course a lot more important to prevent in councils.

If you can't stand the heat, you should stop cooking!


 Links to other areas.

Fact or Fiction?

No recent warming of planet.
News from the Met, Great Britain

More Detail < here

You decide...
See the link and first chapters of an interesting book on the fiction of climate change propaganda.

An IPCC expose on Global warming


A book written to explain the incorrect interpretation of climate by the IPCC for political puropses which is being followed by our current politicians! (From both sides? Time will tell!)

Even at council levels, but by stealth. Think sustainability.

Your sound judgement, in voting is also required to help make politicians responsible for the trauma they inflict by policies and bad decisions!

Current ones should face court !

I have lived through and traced the progress of the `ice age' scare of the 1970's, the `nuclear winter' scare of the 1980s, and now the `global warming' scare of the present.
 All these scares have advanced the interests of what was a small academic discipline 30 years ago to become a mammoth global industry today. It is my view that this industry has, through the `politics of fear' which it has promoted, is acting  against the interests of the public.
His Website:
This man's obituary about his life and details about climate change makes more sense than the political rubbish that "scientists" are dealing out!

They are looking for more tax payer funded "research" and following political directions to get this!
         >    Link  Another Link    <
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Limited Parking? Blame previous Councils

Wangaratta's parking problems are self made.

I have seen no need for parking meters or restrictions. But because Council insists in packing even more businesses into the city center, we have inflated rates, shops leaving town and unfair behavior by the larger stores inside the city putting up low fences so their parking lots cannot be used by people not shopping there.


<<< Making you walk and inconveniencing you!


This "free parking" draws people to their parking lots, which it would not do, if parking was free everywhere else, at the detriment of local traders.

So they loose business. Council of course benefits by parking fines, (to the tune on 1 million dollars a year its claimed) and parking meter fees, while motorists are inconvenienced, by needing to find change and making it possible to be booked, while doing so, especially lately, by parking meters that do not work.

Are council legally booking owners of cars when they don't actually identify the driver? In a court the owner of the registered vehicle isn't obliged to identify the driver. Their own council local government laws say people do not need to incriminate themselves. But Vicroads actually allow this to happen. It is against the constitution of Australia, but it doesn't seem to worry them that they are actually breaking the law themselves. 

Are these parking meters legally accurate? These fines need challenging!

Be happy as we expose the UN for untruthful Climate Change  propaganda through the International Panel for Climate Change (IPCC)
While their aims sound great, your donations may be misused....
A link for those inquiring budding scientists amongst us:
The old saying
"You can lead a horse to water , but you cant make it think"
comes to mind. Many will ignore these findings.
Only inquisitive people will follow the logic. Which one are you?
"A lie will travel the world, before truth can get its pants on!"
Winston Churchill

Things you ought to know!
Want some facts from scientists?
Here is a >>> Carbon Tax Submission:
Want to know who is looking at Australia?
The European Union  <<< link
Coming to a bureaucracy near you by courtesy of the UN.
The IPCC, as usual, has a scary scary prediction this week, that we will have to spend even more, on methods to stop global warming, as the current spend on alternative environmental energy generation isn't yet working. Their methods are a scam and none of their environmental predictions will or have worked!
I would suggest they talk to the Germans Chinese and Indians who are firing up even more lignite (dirty coal) fired power stations. CO2 is increasing, while global temperatures are normal.
It reminds me a bit of the scares that started world war 2! 
Link to story & Further link
Replace "America" with "Australia" in this video to get explanation on factory and job losses.

April 2 2014

“Those people who think they know everything, are a great annoyance to those of us who do.”
Isaac Asimov

Might I somewhat misquote and modernise Asimov: 

"Those people who think they know everything, are a great annoyance to those of us who also have computers and get the real facts." John Vance

NOW > Global Warming is Destroying April Fools Day
Why? Well all the jokes about global warming are one more reason to laugh at the desperate International Panel for Climate Change's claims. 

April Fools day is every day for the man-made CO2 warmists.

Global Warming causes everything!

The latest installment of the UN's IPCC report on global warming is out and it's all about fear. That's all they have left.

Comment by Ken Ring New Zealand long range weather forecaster:

Australia’s new Prime Minister Tony Abbott ran a campaign entitled "climate change is absolute crap". Opponent Kevin Rudd’s electoral campaign was to witch-hunt sceptics. Australia is now set on a course of ridding itself of what Maurice Newman, recently appointed as Chairman of the Prime Minister's Business Advisory Council has called "fundamentalists" who had "collected hundreds of billions of dollars from naive governments that adopted their faith".

Faced with growing scepticism of climate change, Green-wooing governments are stepping up propaganda, attacking like animals do when cornered. You will read about NZ having the warmest year ever in 2013, but every year will be the warmest ever if you are chasing funding.

And the IPCC have said the globe will heat up by 4C unless we pay more taxes.
The Earth has failed to warm as computer models predict, there's nothing extreme about today's weather, and hundreds of thousands of predicted climate refugees cannot be found.  They told us island nations like Kiribati and Tuvalu would sink beneath the waves, yet new luxury resorts are going up there.  They scared the kids about polar bears, but polar bear numbers are way up and the bears are thriving. 


"States of Fear: Science or Politics?"
A must watch video for real understanding of our current political system and what its doing to your tax dollars.
Read Further
The item ends with:
So, next time you see a “scientist”, reporter, politician or bureaucrat hyperventilating about Global Warming or Climate Change or Ocean Warming or whatever – just remember, it’s only the latest in a long line of scares that are hugely exaggerated, scientifically flawed and pushed by those whose self-interest is served by riding on the scare bandwagon.

Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, remarked: "All these global warming schemes are "socialism masquerading as environmentalism."
I can only agree. Its a pity some haven't the brains to understand this.

How is this working? Look up Fabians on Google and start understanding what is really going on!
Here is a start Fabians
Bullying or failing to do their job causing stress?
It seems the media had a hand on misreporting issues of alleged bullying, a card that can be pulled by any public servant it seems, when you look at all the "stress leave claims" by public servants Australia wide
 (public servant sick leave has created a "blow out" in health insurance and work cover budgets)


Letter to the Editor Wangaratta Chronicle March 19 2014
Dear Sir,
  I spent about 30 odd years in the Victorian Police force, many as an investigator of crime stemming from allegations. The process of investigation is to look at the allegation for substance, and eventually put the allegations to the named suspect.
At the completion of this process, you can either dismiss the allegation or recommend charges.
Its a simple but judicially accepted process showing frankness and fairness.
For an inquiry to be held, by the Local Government Investigations and compliance Inspectorate into the former Rural City of Wangaratta Councillors Paul O'Brien and Doctor Julian Fidge without telling them of the allegations, what the allegations were, and never having the opportunity to defend yourself , is the worst abuse of power I could  imagine.
What would you do if you were named a suspect, never to know what the allegations were, and then have a verdict delivered without a chance to deny or defend yourself?
Can you imagine the Civil libertarians uproar if the police did that?
I think these men have been wrongfully dealt with and that ratepayers should demand a new and fair investigation.
Gary Thayer Wangaratta.
I can only say that I agree, and I have been saying this for sometime: To go even further, I would say the investigation was most likely corrupt unless the facts become known.... JV

Will the ABC do a story to my letter and Dr Fidge asking for a Freedom of Information request?
See my request Link <<< No they wont. It doesnt suit the Labor Party who it has appeared taken over the political side of that "independent" Australian news source...
Why?  You ask them! See the report below:

But its all happened before: Heatwaves Australia January, 1896

The long continuance of the unprecedented heat wave in New South Wales is proving a very serious matter to the residents in some of the districts, especially in the western portion of the colony.

Over 125 deaths from heat apoplexy have occurred In New South Wales, and to this number Bourke has already contributed 40. The matter has become so serious that the railway authorities have commenced running trains at special cheap fares, to enable the residents to seek a cooler climate, and a great number are availing themselves of the opportunity.

25 Jan 1896 – The Heat Wave in Australia. NEARLY 200 DEATHS FR…

CO² at the time was 290 parts per million.

         Don't expect the truth when they publish scary Climate Change scenarios either!

Breaking news report
8 March 2014

A KEY investigation used to help justify Wangaratta Council’s sacking last year has "failed to pinpoint" any breaches of the Local Government Act See >> report letter

( Notice the wording, still defiant as if something was wrong! )

The Local Government Inspectorate’s probe into 77 alleged breaches were publicly mentioned by the minister Jeanette Powell and her municipal inspector Peter Stephenson as reasons why the council had to be dismissed last September.

The inspectorate this week sent letters to the key players in the alleged breaches, including Julian Fidge, clearing them of any wrongdoing.

It claimed a “thorough investigation of all complaints” had been carried out and there was no basis to take any further action.

The move has incensed Dr Fidge and former deputy mayor Paul O’Brien, with the two former Councillors stating at no stage were they contacted to respond to the complaints leveled against them.

More interestingly why did the Minister listen to the three opposing Councillors who complained when no others complained? It was obviously party politics! 

( The Loco Government Minster went along with it. WHY???? )
Especially now it comes out there was NO evidence except complaints from council bureaucrats, Unionists, opposition Councillors and Ex Councillors who had a vested interest..It was a concerted effort to oust the elected majority party Councillors.

The reason for sacking the council in other words has had no reason or justification of using any law to dismiss council!

It was the Minister who made an illogical decision. 

It's logical the Minister should be sacked! 

Letter from Doctor Fidge to the inspectorate. <<<Link to letter 

Full story The Border Mail

Wangaratta would be an ideal seat for  Community Services Minister Mary Wooldridge.

Tim Mc Curdy inaction here should allow this to happen!

The fact that an ex "Labor party supporting" inspector was appointed to investigate Wangaratta Council shows the issue was not independently investigated!

(Shame Shame Shame! Quoting the newly released Human headline! )


How would you like it if the whole cabinet of the Labor Party decided to send a letter to the Governor General, complaining about the opposition?
And the GG decided to sack them (EG Labor party and Gough Whitlam). We'd never have anyone in power. There was evidence of wrong doing there,but none in Wangaratta!

(except the whingeing of a very spoilt immature Councillor who was (Rumour!) apparently friendly with the Local Government MP) She even threatened me at one point!


A disturbing letter from Doctor Julian Fidge about the Australian Electoral Commission.
Please note, this is an interpretation of unproven facts, that require further investigation, but the local complaint seemed to have been swept under the carpet by various government  departments. Which leads me to a logical conclusion.
Also: When is a party not a party? When various people claim they're independent and they support the party you wouldn't vote for in your wildest dreams. That's whats been happening in Wangaratta!: both in Council and in Federal politics.
An Extract from Dr Fidge's letter : "I was elected to the Rural City of Wangaratta Council in 2012. I had a few scrutineers at the ballot counting, all of whom are of the utmost integrity.

During the ballot counting, it became obvious that there were a large number of ballot papers that had been filled in by the same person. The hand writing was so distinctive that one scrutineer drew it to the attention of the returning officer.

The observation was fobbed off with the explanation that in some families, one person fills out all the ballot papers.

But this must have been a very large family. Another scrutineer reported to me independently that they observed the distinctive ballots, all written by the same person, at the rate of 2 per bundle of 50 ballots. With 17,977 votes, this would mean the family had over 700 members!

According to the detailed results, these votes were used to elect 4 Councillors. I have elected not to name the four Councillors whom, it seems, were fraudulently elected."

More >>>: Link here

Please note:
Skepticism is not a feature here! Neither is pessimism as used by Crackpot environmentalist.
Real environmentalists don't use concensus and can think for themselves.
Email: for comments
Jobs going, power bills sky high? Blame something called Agenda 21
The huge costs involved in generating subsidised low efficiency "environmental" power are all
caused by Agenda 21.
The carbon tax is Agenda 21
The increased job losses, increased electricity prices, the factories shutting down, exporting coal while we are asked to shut down coal generated electricity?
Its a set up by Al Gore and the United Nations.
(Caused by Agenda 21)
Al Gore could be seen as an insider trader!
The Carbon Tax (she promised we were not going to have) was the reason Julia Gillard got her seat in the United Nations.
She is now the head of a 60 Billion dollar educational fund, also funded by the UN.
Miss Education perhaps?
Link to item Careful this of this newspaper  its the Labor supporting "Guardian" 
The real problem is created by the FAKE global warming doomsday scenario
costing billions world wide.

Letter to the Editor The Wangaratta Chronicle < Not published as it makes too many valid points.
In case you are wondering what Agenda 21 is: Link here < Its scary...and the truth Link here <

On 12/02/2014 John wrote:

Dear Editor,

Regarding our Members of parliament, both  State and federal.
Their actions,show  its clearly its not the locals they're listening to!
The push for various sustainability acts (Agenda 21) are the root cause of all Australia's woes.

From removal of council to the unnecessary carbon tax (and consequently loss of jobs)

Implementation of the stealthy "Agenda 21", which includes misuse of human rights, has been enacted in the case of the recent sacking of the Wangaratta council by Janet Powell.
What right has Jeanette Powell got to implement foreign policies disguised as local government reform, and then failing to implement them in a way to suit the Minister?

United Nations Human rights issues, were ignored  when it came to the rights of the democratically elected Councillors, and the citizens of Wangaratta.

You cant pick and choose who you intend to use them on. Human Rights apply to everyone.
Councillors or Citizens were never considered as she implemented so called "government reform", without input from ALL the people she is supposed to be representing.
 She didn't, or couldn't even use the local Government  Act 1989 to do so.

They removed whatever rights Councillors had, including appeal. And other councils can be in the firing line by calling out “We are being bullied” when a CEO feels like it.
Part and parcel to this all was Tim McCurdy, who voted for the dismissal of council in Parliament.
Mr McCurdy has admitted to me, he had no legal qualifications, yet is instrumental in ignoring the Australian constitution when he supports taking water rights from farmers.

I would suggest that voters at the State election take careful aim at the Independents and Nationals who say one thing, but support foreign LABOR policies.
They are similar to Communist reform which was resisted during the Cold War. It was also being implemented by Federal Labor government and supported by the Unions.

MP Cathy McGowan, supported by previous sacked council stalwarts, the X CEO, as well as at least 3 former voter removed councillors (Labor party members) and a National party supporter, called Tammy Adkins, at the election, are now enacting Labor "environmental" policies, despite claiming to be independent.

  McGowans refusal to remove the carbon tax policy, which  is decimating jobs, industries, farms and companies, like SPC, when they were allowing dumping of Italian canned fruits and then not doing anything about it. SPC should sue the previous LABOR government.
The scorched earth polices of the Federal Labor government wont be forgotten by people who can think outside the voting booth.
I'm sorry I voted for them. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!

Japanese company Inpex has confirmed all of the gas from its Ichthys fields off the coast of north-western Australia has already been forward-sold and none is available for domestic needs in the Northern Territory.

The Change in Political Climate.

We in Australia are being run, at this point in time, by an organsation in Geneva, Switzerland and Manhattan America.
I will provide the link to information later.
It is affecting all levels of government, including one branch which isn't government but pretends to be. This is your local council.
The organisation  causing this is called the United Nations.
Are they truly representative of all nations?
They may have been at first, after World  war 2 , but like all bureaucracies they eventually lose focus.
Today the United Nations looks more like an undemocratic organisation pretending
to focus on world rights but is really a Socialist front.The issues are political rather than environmental, and stem from the likes of Bush, Clinton and Gore.
At the end of the Cold War the United Nations had to look for a reason to exist or they would have disbanded . So they choose a devious method using a combinations of the environment and human rights to plan a new world order.
 You can see why Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard were so busy trying to get a seat in the United Nations. Julia introduced the Carbon Tax and promptly got a seat for herself.
It had  very little to do with Human Rights and all to do with removal of those rights.
Your democratic voting rights were never considered!
The Australian Constitution is being bulldozed with water rights, environmental issues and energy policies which, like in most other developed countries are escalating costs of manufacture and creating unnecessary  poverty.
This they have been told is for their own good, as these resources are finite.

They are right to a degree. So why are we in Australia are giving ours away.
 In the Northern territory for instance, a Japanese gas conglomerate has been allowed to export gas but leaves no gas for for the locals   Link

Research yourself <> National Library
Better environmental methods Link

The Wangaratta Council conspiracy

Fair comment

Please note: Every one can have a fair say here. 

The key is FAIR say. If its not fair comment I may have to "edit" it some.

The letter below passes the fair test.

Drop me a line! My email address is john.vance (at) put in (@)



On the matter of government control of water, I would suggest this is vehemently resisted, and replaced by a committee of local property owners who, depending on available water can make rational informed decisions as to allocations. This will retain the status quo

Real environmentalists make allowances and dont ad hoc policies.

The removal of water rights from properties can only be done by referendum, but looking at the current record of the Victorian state government it is ignoring human rights as well as referendums! It is time this was handled in a proper manner as I believe MP Tim McCurdy has no formal legal education or qualifications in these and is complacent in this matter.

Our current "representatives" lack integrity.


Letter by Alison Walpole.. Subject: Various local issues which have been ill considered by state government who keep pushing policies that apply overseas and need to be re worked locally.

25th January 2014


The Editor,                         The Editor.

Wangaratta Chronicle,       Border Mail,

P O Box 221,                     P O Box 149,

Wangaratta,                       Wodonga.

Victoria   3676.                  Victoria    3689.


Dear Sir,


I looked at the photo published page 4 Chronicle 24th January  2014 above the headline

“House call on administrators” .    I thought “The Conspirators”


  • There they are together around the table
  • The Minister who refuses to accept the advice of the Victorian Ombudsman   My letter published Border Mail 1st January 2014 asked “Was the council ”Sack Act” valid ?
  • The Local Member apparently unable to understand and mediate responsibly with his constituents.
  • The appointed Government Servants subject to policy instruction from the State Government.


On 16th January 2014 I wrote and posted to ACEO Spiller, Rural City of Wangaratta this letter, as yet unacknowledged.  Text of letter.


Dear Sir


The Victorian Waterway Management Strategy was released by the Department Environment and Primary Industries in September 2013.  Hard copy is now available. This strategy should be

studied in connection with the Rural City of Wangaratta Rural Land Strategy.      


After reading the Victorian Parliament Hansard record of the debate of the Local Government (Rural City of Wangaratta) Bill 2013 I realized we are poorly represented by present

 members of the Victorian Parliament.  The government and opposition voted together to dismiss our elected Local Council in accordance with the Charter for Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006.   The speech by Mr Barber  (Northern Metropolitan)  who moved to amend the Bill was a more balanced contribution.                                                                                                 


Last week on the ABC Country Hour a warning was given that the effect of removal of water rights from Victorian Land Titles should be considered in succession planning and up to date rural land valuation.                                                                            These matters need to be addressed before the State Government election this year.  


The Public Land Consultancy newsletter TERRA PUBLICA Vol 14 No 1 January 2014 has 2 articles “Escape from the Silo” and “Improving Our Waterways” which further document the problem of landowners understanding present Government policy and its affect on the value of their land titles.   This situation influences financial planning and development.  The Rural City of Wangaratta Rural Land Strategy remains unresolved. I have documented to the Victorian Ombudsman the development of the Hume Regional Draft Plan by the Victorian Sustainability Commission, a CSIRO Sustainability Communities Research Project and Local Governments with Rural City of Wangaratta as a lead agency.


The “sacking” of the elected council requires the appointed administrators to make a full factual explanation to residents and ratepayers to allow informed debate prior to the coming State Government election                       End of text of letter.


A copy of this letter was posted to the Ombudsman Victoria in the same mail.  A public meeting to discuss the Water Bill Exposure Draft is listed for Monday 3rd February 2014 at the PAC Wangaratta, 6-30pm to 8-30 pm.


Yours sincerely.


Alison G Walpole.


Email 25th January 2014.

I concur on the lady's letter: we need a full explanation on the fact why the local government act can be implemented or replaced by the Human rights issue without a court judgement. It is that important to Wangaratta, and consequently to other councils!

The accusations of bullying was highlighted by local media, when instead there was a conspiracy by Council officers Unions activists and the Labor party! J.V.


Insanity: The EU will spend $7 trillion to stop 0.05 degrees Celsius of warming.
That's one twentieth part of one degree... It's a redistribution of money

That’s nearly $82 billion a year for 86 years…does anyone honestly think that’s money well spent?

Link <> Video

The Solar connection in Climate Change found?

Something is up with the sun. Link current space view<

Scientists say that current solar activity is stranger than in a century or more, with the sun producing barely half the number of sunspots expected and its magnetic poles oddly out of sync. 22 Nov.2013 Video.

Explaining the Sun, its activity and effects on earth!
It's a theory but looks promising.
Even NASA is looking at  this, and are studying it carefully. NASA Link
Some history.
In 1852, the Swiss astronomer Johann Wolf showed that despite its great distance, Jupiter has more gravitational effect on the Sun than any other planet. He went on to develop a theory that seemed to account for sunspot numbers via the influence of Jupiter and other planets. In turn it may also affect earth's weather.

 JH Nelson (RCA radio engineer) studying radio propagation in the late 1940's noticed the solar effects of planets. Their position in space determined radio reception or degradation. < Nelson Link

Inego Jones, the (RIP) long range weather forecaster in 1930's to the fifties (controversially)  used the planets positions to predict the 2000 drought.

He couldn't explain why his forecasts worked.  (in most cases)

So: have the political parties hijacked climate effects for their own purposes?             My guess is YES!
Comment by John Vance
                 How it works
The Sun is 333000 larger than the earth.It is so large that about 1,300,000 planet Earths can fit inside of it. Earth is about the size of an average sunspot! Source link
 Gravity is a two way street: on the one hand you have a planet orbiting the Sun, using gravitation attraction to the Sun to stay in orbit, and on the other hand, it's  gravity is also pulling on  the surface of the Sun, like the moon's ocean tides on earth, disturbing the surface of the sun, as it orbits around it.
(For Jupiter, this takes about 11.8 years, and is as long as it takes for a full solar sunspot cycle, which may not be  a coincidence, resulting in a reversal of the sun's magnetic poles)

Other planets take longer:
Scientists have only considered the larger planets due to magnified gravitational affects.
Neptune has the longest year. It takes the planet 164.8 years
A year on Uranus lasts 84.3 Earth years.
Saturn’s year is 29.7 Earth years long
So if the planets do affect the Solar sunspots, there can be quite few combinations

It's much like the effect of whirling a weight on a rope, with the resultant pull on the rope equally effecting both the rotating weight and the increased pull of the weight, on the rope on your hand.
   The 3 other large planet's orbits, also appear to add to the  effect on the Sun’s surface and when gravity  is equally distributed(equidistant), it may explain the quiet Sunspots, and also the disturbances, when the Sunspots are active, as the surface reacts like a turbulent tidal surge, to catch the gravitational pull. This in turn can vary the Sun's energy output.
It’s a theory, that fits in well with the resultant varying weather patterns on earth, with a large effect noticed when an absence of  sunspots in the 1700's resulting in a mini ice age. Other similar patterns were also observed.
    Correlation of this needs to be carefully established but it seems a good fit. If only the politicians would stop using science as an end to a means.)

I am interested in this, due to political slewing of Climate facts in all facets of our political systems, from councils to Federal parliament creating a huge debt, and different ways to suppress normal lives both now and into the future. It is  creating poverty, damaging industry  and only creating jobs for few select people. Property income is being affected (See item Carbon Farm reality bites on this page) Australia is being sold a piece at a time and is ripe for a takeover.)

Despite The United Nations being heavily involved with the Climate Change Agenda, their Agency, the IPCC fails at many instances, to properly use science and like many other types of committees, can only use consensus to break differing opinion. There are so many convenient failures to improperly come to a conclusion, we cannot trust their predictions as it is political, and is being used by the LABOR party to push their water restrictions. power prices and devalue property using environmental non issues.

Deficient observation is merely a form of ignorance and responsible for the many morbid notions and foolish ideas prevailing.
(Nicola Tesla ) 1856 – 1943

Deliberate failure to see obvious truth, makes for corrupt political agendas! 
You can lead a horse to water, but you cant make it drink....(think?)

One more thing: Why are the Sun's poles flipping every twelve years? Maybe the forces at work are the cause and they are gravitational: The planet Jupiter  is just large enough perhaps. Time and proper science will find out...
Joseph Tompson interview above      ABC Local radio
Wangaratta Council Sacked

Council itself had been:
infiltrated, indoctrinated, assimilated, investigated and now terminated.

With all the union action and many reasons for sacking council being distorted, we need to see what the report from Jeanette Powell has to say regarding council.
I reserve my judgement on this at this point!
It seems to be unreasonable to suggest that it had to do with reality, and more with lack of truthfull information, lack of cooperation with council staff, union and interference by previous councillors.. Current councillors have also made some mistakes.
Not that they couldnt have rectified these if allowed to do so.
More to follow...

Council ecology policies on Climate Change based on lies and deceptive science.

Letter to Wangaratta Chronicle Wed 18 Sept as I wrote it.
 Dear Editor.

I believed the Global Warming hype that Al Gore preached from the heights of our global drought we had. But I found some of the claims ridiculous. And I wasn’t the only one.

Many prominent scientists tried to show (with compromised computer simulations), that the world was undergoing a change so severe, we were going to have to completely change our way of living. Satellite reports “backed them up” A few weather satellites were launched, one after the other, and failed to go into orbit to get the real answers.  Sabotage? You wonder. 

The Australian (Monday Sept 16 2013) is finally able to reveal this fact:


It’s not surprising to me, now that the LABOR government news* embargo,

put on anti Climate Change  stories, has effectively finished,

In 2010 India pulled out of the IPCC because it could no longer trust the U.N. body’s data or conclusions . Many others discovered the same. Yet scary negative stories kept on being published by the ABC and other news media.

Many of our previous government environmental policies, even local council policies,  have been based on their lies and on the basis of this sorry scam, which came from America. (Bill Clinton and Al Gore are mates)  Why have we been lied to for so long? Why is the United Nations backing it? It makes money for the banking system and the UN.

I believe we need to have a good hard look at ourselves, remove those people who aim to do anything to finance electricity and water boards, and tar and feather their CEO’s and  parliamentarians and shareholders … who benefit from these schemes. The proposed Murray Darling scheme is nothing but a scam to stop food being grown locally, and the scheme is unnecessary. No doubt more spin will come from those ”so called environmentalists” who are discredited.

Signed John Vance
What they published >> Link Not yet available.

*News embargo by Gillard made anti climate change stories unable to be printed! Julia Gillard threatened them with censorship and other things which could have been damaging to the newspapers.

Latest news on Climate Change

IPCC<>They admit they got it wrong: all temperatures completely fabricated Link<< The full story <<

The attitude of environmentalists is that there's just the right number of them, but way too many of the rest of us.

Making it up as they go along?

The EX Councillor who rejected a council seat seems to be happily voicing his opinion about the so called "disgracefull behavior' of the elected councillors. BUT he said Councillors should be running councils, not CEO's. So why the is he supporting the so called issues with Doctor Fidge?  

Might it be, he is also pushing for the council to be dismissed?

The reason for not wanting a seat after a recount recently, could be that the councillors of a dismissed council cannot be re-elected for five years.

Thank goodness the issue could be resolved at this point by Worksafe (called in by Doug Sharp himself)  See more below.

Having read the report suspending Councillor Fidge, it seems they failed to investigate phone and web records of various current staff, councillor and past Councillors, and the investigation is suspect itself. BUT when it looked like this might happen, Cr McInirny resigned "due to stress". So why did she really do this? The Wangaratta Chronicle is not asking the right questions and needs to be a bit more thorough in its investigations and published content.

Above: Picture published in the Wangaratta Chronicle and shown in the public interest.

I will certainly not be speaking to their "star" political reporter again for personal reasons...

No surprises here! "Independents"?
Old Aussie saying : You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.
Are they chameleons?
When there is no hope they turn into "independents"...
The new Labor party!

It seems like even the Labor party is telling you to vote independent....
At the Wangaratta "meet the candidates" this week!
Wangaratta Councillor Tammie Atkins came in with a plate of supper and only stayed long enough to welcome her team, in case you couldn't guess, "McGowan for Indi'.
The Council was previously was stacked with LABOR party types.Despite them making a big point that "no party politics should be involved" The same tactics here in INDI electorate...But why are the previous  group of so called "green" councillors sticking up for McGowan? Same team different coat. Its a pity its the same idea. LABOR party plants? Not much doubt in my mind.
I ask again Are they chameleons?
It looked like a game of push and shove as the Mayor was seen to be manhandled by two women by witnesses. One an ex councillors and mayor's wife, and the other an ex councillor. Might be a good idea to bring charges, as bullying seems alive and well, but its the other side  guilty of this. Not a nice look Mr Ex Councillor...

Everyone is doing some spring cleaning!

CEO and senior council staff gone!

The special meeting of Wangaratta council has taken the decision, to remove the CEO, which to me seemed the logical conclusion after many head-on collisions which were not acceptable, and were setting up councillors against each other.
 The mayor emotionally announced the officers, had agreed on the decision that may end the problem councillors had in staff co-operation, taking the only real course open to her. It should have happened earlier.
 It was indeed unfortunate that she inherited a CEO who appeared to be loyal to the previous councillors ideals and this may have created friction as the election showed the ratepayers wanted a change of direction. The area of concern was the sustainabilty issues it seems, that created the Rural land strategy...It and other issues were on the nose...While never palatable, it needed to be done. Congratulations on a move that will see council heading in the right direction. Lets hope that local newspapers now balance reporting in an evenhanded method.

Dr Fidge deserved better treatment when asking questions.

Government, when implimenting new ideas must never infringe on property rights using environmental issues to send their constituants broke.
More on this story at the Border mail <Link

Lets hope something is done on the veto department. I mean the sustainability department which seems to be able to do nasty things to nice people, in the name of the "environment"
Lets see it's powers  dismantled, and have some real environmental decisions made for the good of people as well.
Growth in Wangaratta needs careful attention

<<< From the BBC UK (Picture  is linked)

Global warming/ Climate change is affecting even local council policies.
BUT is it really your fault and are the steps being taken necessary at all?

When I ask a LABOR party supporter they all believe the dire warnings about us being reponsible for GW/CC but if I ask an even minded educated environmentalist, not on the government payroll, its completely "We dont know, we dont think so"

The ABC in my view, has only started unbalanced reporting when the LABOR party got into power.

Newspapers have lately been fairly quiet on the subject, only printing collaborative material. 

So what is happening? A slow temperature increase and nothing to worry about apparently... So was Mockton right?

He said in case the cost of current environmental  action to try and prevent climate change was so prohibitive, that the wait and see attitude was the right one. Me? I want the right answers, without political interference....and soon. THEY are "tilting at windmils" <phrase>

The complete BBC article may be found here<> Link to BBC article or local mirror